Workshop and Residencies

Due to multiculturalism in education in the United States, there is a growing fascination and curiosity about Indian and ethnic arts among students. They come to school with an open mind and desire to learn. Rachna Agrawal feels that the aesthetic and emotional aspects of classical Indian arts can be of great importance to a school system. These aspects of her teaching can enhance students' creativity, emotional development, and artistic appreciation. Rachna also believes that the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of Indian arts can help students learn about the world around them and about themselves. Students will develop an understanding of the world as a whole. Students can learn both differences and commonalties between different art forms and different cultures. The following are some of the programs that Rachna has developed for school systems:

Curriculum links:

Dance, music, arts, literature, geography, history, physical education, theater arts, math, social studies, and multicultural studies

Kathak Dance:

All Ages

An introduction to Kathak movements. Students will learn to create and communicate meaning through this compelling dance form. Different hand gestures of classical Indian dances will be demonstrated and explored. Students will learn rhythmic footwork and will examine the different sounds made by a dancer's ankle bells.

Visual Arts of India:


Students will be exposed to folk and miniature paintings and splendid handicrafts of India. The symbols and ideas in Indian paintings will be examined. The art of Henna painting ( Mehndi), floor decoration techniques (Rangoli), and Indian block printing will be taught.

Classical Indian Music:

All Ages

Students will learn about unusual ancient and medieval instruments of India. Students will learn to sing the basic scales and variations of classical Indian music along with listening and aappreciation of the master works of the genre.

Folk Dances of India :

All ages

Students will learn the colorful, rich, and joyous folk dances from different regions of Northern part of India. Students will also learn the social impact of these dances.


All ages

Yoga is a dynamic system for cultivating mental and physical discipline. The basic postures and controlled breathing technique of the ancient art of Indian Yoga will be practiced. Students will learn the affect of these postures on different muscles and parts of our bodies.


Indian Literature

(grades 5-10)

Students will perceive the aesthetics and wisdom of ancient and medieval Indian poetry. Students will also be exposed to the modern and contemporary literature of India and especially the literary works of prominent Indian writers writing in English.

Culture of India

All ages

Students will learn in detail about social life, festivals, common beliefs, ancient civilizations, and traditions of India. India's geography and economic situations and their affect on every day life will be investigated. Students will also learn greetings, colors, numbers, alphabets, and some basic vocabulary of Hindi, the national language of India.